2020 Virtual Spring Field Day

Welcome to our 2020 Virtual Field Day!
Showcasing our irrigated crop research in short video clips and fact sheets.

We re-imagined our field day this year to enable us to showcase our research site and provide information about the local trials taking place in 2020 in a virtual interactive format.  This page has short videos and a fact sheet on each trial to give growers and industry key information about the research. 

We held a zoom meeting with

Nick Poole, FAR Australia Project Leader
Damian Jones, ICC Trials Manager
Alex Schultz, NSW DPI, Research Development Officer

Have listen to our three speakers below.  

Seasonal Summary

Kerang Trial Site

2020 started with high water prices that made pre-irrigation difficult to economically justify. The only positive was climate prediction models were telling an optimistic winter rainfall story. April started with pre-irrigation of most of the trial locations. Most trials are conducted under best agronomic practice rather than an economic approach. Sowing started on April 17th with the long season wheat and barley trials. April delivered on the promise of good winter rainfall with a decile 9, or 88mm for the month.

Our Trials

To gain an insight into what’s going on at our Kerang trial site, click on the video and factsheet links in each of the trials below. The video will provide a visual of the trial and key facts about the treatments and the factsheet will provide more details.

The aim of this trial was to compare later maturity varieties and see how they perform when sown in their optimal sowing window. Trial includes 20 varieties. Read factsheet
The Canola variety trials provide results about how various varieties perform in local conditions and under irrigation. This trial has 21 lines and varieties under investigation. Read factsheet
The variety trials provide results about how various wheat varieties perform in local conditions and under irrigation. This trial includes 12 varieties. Read factsheet
Irrigated Canola
This demonstration aims to maximise profitability in low allocation / high-water price years by reducing the number of irrigations. Read factsheet

Early Sown Wheat Variety Trial

Play Video

Canola Variety Trial

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Main Wheat Variety Trial

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Smarter Irrigation for Profit  

in collaboration with FAR Australia

Optimising Irrigated Grains

This GRDC funded Project “Development and validation of soil amelioration and agronomic practices to realise the genetic potential of grain crops grown under a high yield potential, irrigated environment in the northern and southern regions” includes 66 replicated field trials per year for 3 years.
These trials evaluate the plant population of hybrid TT (Triazine tolerant) and Roundup Ready hybrid grown at different plant populations under flood and overhead irrigation. Read factsheet
These trials evaluate the influence of different rhizobium treatments on chickpea nodulation, dry matter, grain yield and profitability under irrigation and evaluates the economics of disease management strategies of different costs in irrigated chickpea production. Read factsheet
These trials will evaluate the plant population of durum wheat grown at different plant populations under flood and overhead irrigation. Read factsheet
These trials evaluate the plant population of fabas grown at different plant populations under flood and overhead irrigation and compares two fungicide strategies using older ‘cheap’ and newer ‘expensive’ fungicides on varieties. Read factsheet

Canola Agronomy Trial

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Chickpea Agronomy Trial

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Durum Wheat Agronomy Trial

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Faba Bean Agronomy Trial

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Virtual Trade Site

What's the latest from our Sponsors

We gratefully acknowledge the support of our organisation and trial partners. Their support ensures that we can deliver locally relevant irrigated cropping research to growers and industry.

Click on the tabs below to see the latest information from our partners about their products and services.
ICC Partners



GrainGrowers is a leading voice for Australian grain farmers, representing their interests at a national and international level.

Leadership Program for Young Growers – Closes soon!

Australian Grain Leaders Program 2021

Purpose: GrainGrowers is passionate about upskilling the young and emerging leaders that wish to contribute to the future of your industry.

Key Messages: AGLP is best suited for growers:

   -Aged between 21 and 35 years and an Australian citizen;

   -Actively involved in the grain industry or planning to take up grain production;

   -Keen to enhance their grains industry leadership;

   -Wanting to develop personal and professional leadership knowledge and skills.

APPLY TODAY or refer an emerging leader you think would be suitable. Application close 30th Sept 2020

Further Information…



New release varieties from AGT, trialled in ICC variety trials during the 2020 season.

Hammer CL PLUS (tested as OAGT0016)

  • The highest yielding AH (southern zone) Clearfield Wheat currently available on the market.
  • Improved yields over Kord CL PLUS and Grenade CL PLUS. NVT and AGT data shows Hammer CL PLUS delivers a 6-8% yield advantage over older CL PLUS varieties like Kord and Grenade.
  • Quicker maturity than Scepter.
  • Excellent disease package, suitable for wheat on wheat situations.

Further information:

Hammer CL Plus


Coota (tested as V10100-064)

  • Highest yielding APH (south eastern zone) wheat variety in early sown trials.
  • Slow maturity, suited to the end of April beginning of May sowing window.
  • Short plant height with low screenings and high test weight.
  • Alternative to LRPB Lancer, EGA Gregory, Coolah and LRPB Flanker.

Further information:



Ballista (tested as RAC2598)

  • New AH (southern zone) wheat suited to Mallee type environments.
  • Improved yields over Scepter. NVT and AGT data shows Ballista delivers a 3-4% yield advantage over Scepter in Mallee environments.
  • Quicker maturity than Scepter.

Further information:



Catapult (tested as RAC2484)

  • Mid-slow maturity, with a very flexible sowing window from ANZAC day to mid-May.
  • Very good physical grain characteristics with an AH quality classification (southern and south eastern zones).
  • Good pre-harvest sprouting tolerance, better than LRPB Trojan and Rockstar.
  • Excellent choice for wheat on wheat situations.

Further information:



Anapurna (tested as Anapurna)

  • Delivers very high grain yields in long season environments.
  • Slow winter maturity, similar to RGT Accroc, safely sown throughout April.
  • Good level of septoria tritici blotch and excellent stripe rust resistance.
  • Maintains high grain yields in the absence of foliar fungicides.

Further information:






New pre-emergent herbicide that controls resistant Ryegrass, Brome Grass and Barley Grass

Product: Ultro 900 WG

Use:  Pre-emergent control of Ryegrass, Brome Grass and Barley Grass in Pulse Crops. Broad beans, Chickpeas, Faba beans, Field peas, Lentils, Lupins, and Vetch

Key Messages for growers:

  • Ultro is a new IBS pre-emergent grass herbicide with a novel mode of action, Group E, it is due for registration in late 2020 in Broad beans, Chickpeas, Faba beans, Field peas, Lentils, Lupins, and Vetch so should available for the 2021 season
  • It gives good residual control of most grasses including Ryegrass, Brome Grass and Barley Grass.
  • Is not as active on broadleaf weeds so can be mixed with other broadleaf herbicides e.g.  Simazine, Spinnaker, Terbyne and Terrain depending on the crop to improve weed control
  • Has a rate range on the label from 1.1 kg to 2.3 kg depending on the pulse type and soil type.

adama graph


Figure 1. Untreated control verses Ultro 1.1 kg



Pacific Seeds

Hyola, our canola range provides elite hybrids suitable for all growing regions. Pacific Seeds were the first in the world to produce hybrid canola, and have since led the way in innovative hybrid solutions.


Hyola Enforcer CT

World First – Dual Stacked Clearfield + TT Mid-Early hybrid with very high yield, high blackleg resistance and high oil CT technology is being used by growers to handle soil IMI carryovers from previous IMI crops as well as provide additional weed control in IWM programs using both Triazine and/or Clearfield chemistry.  Hyola Enforcer CT compliments Hyola 580CT whom both Value add to growers hybrid seed investment, Protects the crop, provide more flexible weed control and have shown yields greater than OP TT canola

Read more…


Hyola 540XC

World First – Dual Stacked TruFlex + CL Mid-Early hybrid with competitive yield, high blackleg resistance and mod-high oil.

XC technology is being used by growers to handle soil IMI carryovers from previous IMI crops as well as provide additional weed control in IWM programs using both TruFlex-Roundup Ready Glyphosate and/or Clearfield chemistry. 

Hyola 540XC value adds to growers hybrid seed investment, Protects the crop and provides more flexible weed control where growers can use higher rates of glyphosate in a wider application window right through to 1st flower

Read more…


Hyola 410XX

World First Global release of a Straight TruFlex Early-Mid hybrid with high adaptable yield, high blackleg resistance and very high oil.

TruFlex Technology provides more flexible weed control where growers can use higher rates of glyphosate in a wider application window through to 1st flower and is replacing the older less efficient Roundup Ready Technology very quickly across Australia.

Read more…


Hyola 350TT

Early maturing TT Hybrid with very high blackleg resistance, high oil and exceptional early vigor. NVT results and commercial growers experience shows highly adapted hybrid for tougher, drier seasons, however also has shown top yields results in better seasons of up to 3.2t/ha

Read more…


Pioneer Seeds

Pioneer® Seeds Australia is the country’s foremost commercial supplier for canola, corn, grain sorghum and summer forage hybrid seed.

Pioneer® brand seed is grown and processed to world-class, quality assured standards at facilities like our Seed Production Operations in Narromine NSW.

With dedicated and highly skilled team members located right throughout Australia you can be sure of accessing the best local knowledge to help you maximize your investment in Pioneer® brand hybrid seed. Book an on farm meeting with your local Pioneer rep today by requesting a FarmCheck™

FarmConnect Rubicon Full Colour Combo Transparent

Rubicon Water

Rubicon Water’s vision is to sustainably increase global food and fibre production by improving the management of irrigation water from the source through to its application to crops.

Their solutions are used by farmers, water authorities, and governments to modernise gravity-fed irrigation supply networks and on-farm irrigation systems. They improve water-use efficiency through accurate measurement and accounting, eliminating spills, improving the reliability and timeliness of water supply, and enabling precise application to crops.

Rubicon is excited to provide an exclusive first look at their Next Gen FarmConnect Solution for on-farm automation and sensors for irrigated crop management. See the link below:

First Look at the Next Generation FarmConnect


Next Gen FarmConnect, is a:

  • Range of Valves, Gates, Actuators & Sensors that precisely control water delivery to farm bays.
  • Data driven platform that uses data analytics and predictive algorithms on cloud based computing
  • Used to interpret real-time field conditions from smart sensors and connected devices.
  • The solution’s deliverable is adaptive irrigation management using science-based prediction and field optimization to deliver irrigation prescriptions to each part of the property
  • In addition to smart management of irrigation systems, newly generated ‘big’ data ensures continuous improvement from season to season or between enterprises.

 Rubicon have developed a dedicated and informative VIRTUAL FIELD DAY BOOTH where you can view more on their on-farm and off-farm solutions. They are bringing all of the information from their physical booth – plus more – but virtually!

 Follow the links below to view Rubicon’s range of solutions:

Farms: On-farm solutions


Irrigation Districts: Off-farm solutions






Australian owned Hybrid-Ag was established in Melbourne in 2002 with the sole focus of supplying the agricultural market with high quality prescription blended soil and plant nutrient solutions. To help growers achieve maximum quality and yield in a manner that is environmentally, socially and economically profitable, Hybrid-Ag has complete control over the entire supply chain. Allowing meticulous attention to detail, from sourcing raw materials through to manufacturing, packaging and supply.


Hybrid-Ag’s prescription dry blends are designed to condition and fertilise irrigated soils in one application. This makes them cost effective in maximising yields through better water retention.


Ian Foletta Case Study image

Download Case Study

Trial Partners

InterGrain Logo


Wheat Varieties


Highest yield mid-late maturing AH wheat in early and main season NVT in Victoria. Has useful lodging resistance and strong yield potential in both dryland and irrigated environments. Strong resistance to stripe rust and yellow leaf spot (MRMS), as well as stem rust (MR). RockStar has a moderate plant height and excellent tillering capacity, as well as good test weight and low screenings. Available for farmer to farmer trade or from InterGrain SeedClub members.

Read more…



Vixen is a quick-mid maturing AH wheat with very strong yield potential. While Vixen performs very well in dry years as seen in 2019, its strong tillering capacity gives it very good top end yield potential. It has very good stripe rust, stem rust, and yellow leaf spot resistance (all MRMS), and a short-moderate plant height with very good lodging resistance, as well as good test weight and low screenings. Available for farmer to farmer trade or from InterGrain SeedClub members.

Read more…


Sheriff CL Plus

 Sheriff CL Plus is a mid-late maturing, APW, IMI-tolerant wheat. It is currently the only Clearfield wheat in this maturity class, offering growers a more flexible sowing opportunity. Sheriff CL Plus is the highest yielding Clearfield wheat in early season NVT long-term VIC MET data, and holds this yield stability into main season sowings, where it is the highest yielding CL Plus wheat in Victorian long-term NVT MET data, alongside Razor CL Plus. Sheriff CL Plus has good grain size and low screenings, and a moderate plant height with good lodging resistance. Available from InterGrain SeedClub members.

Read more..


Maximus CL

Maximus is the next generation IMI-tolerant barley, following on from its predecessor Spartacus CL. Maximus has improved yield potential to Spartacus CL based on long term internal data, as well as improved grain size, malting quality, and disease resistance. Both Maximus and Spartacus CL have excellent head loss resistance and lodging resistance, as well as a short, erect plant type with excellent tillering capacity. Maximus is expected to receive malt accreditation in March 2021, and will be available to growers from InterGrain SeedClub Members.

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Finding the right balance for success – for farmers, agriculture and future generations

Modern agriculture is facing more diverse and complex challenges than ever before. Around the world, farmers are expected to produce enough food for a rapidly growing population and find smarter ways to cultivate the land in balance with nature. At BASF, we help find the right balance for success for farmers, for agriculture and for future generations.
That’s why we are investing in a strong research and development pipeline to underpin a broad portfolio of fungicides, herbicides, insecticides and biological crop protection products, as well as seeds, traits, seed treatment products and digital solutions. Our scientific expertise extends much further than agriculture. We also provide innovative solutions for public health, professional pest control, ornamentals, turf and landscape management.

Canola Varieties

2020 InVigor® canola demonstration varieties

Choose InVigor® canola with confidence





PBA Kelpie XT
– 2021 release

– imi tolerant Jumbo 2 type
– similar performance to Jumbo 2


Faba Beans

PBA Amberley
– 2020 release

– long-season

– the best resistance rating to Chocolate Spot

Read more…


PBA Bendoc

– 2019 release

– imi tolerant
– mid-season

Read more…


PBA Marne

– 2019 release
– short-season

Read more…


PBA Samira

– 2015 release

– mid-season

– benchmark variety for performance

Read more…


Field Peas
PBA Butler

– 2018 release

– most recently released variety
– Kaspa type Dun
– mid-season

Read more…


PBA Wharton

– 2014 release

– Kaspa type Dun

– short-season

Read more…


PBA Royal

– 2020 release

– similar performance to Genesis 090

– larger grain size than Genesis 090 at 8mm

Read more…


PBA Slasher

– 2011 release

– mid-season

– benchmark variety for performance


PBA Striker

– 2012 release

– short-season

– benchmark variety for performance

Read more…


Narrow Leaf
PBA Bateman

– 2018 release

– most recently released variety

Read more…


Broad Leaf (Albus)
PBA Murringo

– 2018 release

– most recently released variety

Read more…



– 2021 release

– bred by BASF
– long-season
– suited to high rainfall zone & irrigation

Read more…



– 2019 release

– winter wheat
– long season / early planting
– tri purpose, graze / hay / grain
– tall erect growth habit / plant type
– high dry matter production

– awn-less

– excellent grain recovery

– ASW milling grade

Read more…



– 2013 release

– main season sowing
– grain only milling variety

– benchmark variety for performance

Read more…



– 2009 release

– main season sowing

– dual purpose grain only milling and/or export hay variety

– benchmark variety for performance

Read more…



– 2020 release

– bred by Adelaide University

– 2021 harvest malt variety

– very similar to Compass as it is a sister line

– minor improvements over Compass in yield, disease resistance, grain plumpness & grain screenings

Read more…



– 2021 release

– bred by Adelaide University & developed by SECOBRA

– under malt evaluation

– new plant type with strong straw strength

– longer season variety than Leabrook, Compass, Spartacus, Maximus & Latrobe

– maturity more similar to Commander & Planet

– high yielding in high yielding environments


Note: Some fact sheets for  varieties are currently unavailable on our Seednet website.  If you require more information please get in touch.




HyTTec Hybrid TT Canola from Nuseed – The top choice for canola growers

Varieties: HyTTec Trifecta, HyTTec Trident, HyTTec Trophy

Key Messages for growers:

HyTTec delivers:
• Hybrid advantages of early vigour and yield
• All the existing herbicide tolerance benefits of TT varieties for the same reliable weed control
• A new option for your cropping program
• The confidence of growing seed from the TT specialists, with a lower upfront cost

Further Information…

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