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friday 8 Oct

Pulse Agronomy Project Field


2pm – 4pm Corner Lanes Rd and Geodetic Rd, Bundalong

This is an opportunity for you to join us to take a look at the trials which are part of the GRDC investment Victoria Pulse Agronomy Project which aims to close the economic yield gap and maximise farming systems benefits from grain legume production in Victoria.

Dr Kenton Porker, FAR Australia’s Research Director will be joined by colleague Ben Morris to guide you through the faba bean work, providing background on the trials and what they are aiming to achieve.

Bill Slattery, Soil Scientist will also join us to talk about acid soils.


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Irrigation Business Planning


The Irrigation Farm Business Plan is a key tool of the Plan2Farm program, it provides the opportunity for you to assess where your business is situated now and where you want it to be in the future. The Plan will help you and those involved in your business make more informed decisions about your farming business to improve your business resilience, particularly in relation to irrigation and water markets.


wednesday 13 october

Field Day


Session 1: 8.30am
Session 2: 10.30am
Session 3: 1.30pm

Where: Finley Irrigated Research Centre, 2431 Newell Highway, Finley, NSW 2713

What is the effect of soil amelioration and soil amendments on canola?
Growers and advisers will have the opportunity to look at the effects of irrigation systems ‘surface’ and ‘overhead’ on break crop (Chickpeas, canola and faba beans) canopy structure and disease.