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Is during harvest, one of the most stressful and busy times of the year the best time to be making sound business decisions? This podcast aims to get farmers thinking more strategically about making decisions for next season and beyond.  Dr Kate Burke from Think Agri is a highly experienced independent farm consultant with a PhD in agronomy, have a listen to her thoughts and ideas on good planning.


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Think Agri – Agri Expertise – Think Agri

Here we listen to Irrigation Cropping Council’s Charlotte Aves talking to grower Ben Pearse and ICC’s Damian Jones about the intricacies of growing faba beans.

Craig Reynolds is a grain grower from Congupna in Northern Victoria.

Each year growers are making decisions about the best way to use their water, winter crops, summer crops, different crop types (varieties) etc. In this podcast Craig shares how they best use water in their system to maximise returns and meet their farm goals.


Our Trial Manager Damian Jones talks about the agronomic and economic considerations to help make decisions about when to irrigate.

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The gross margins mentioned use the figures of $250/t for wheat and $390/ML for water

Correct Crop Sequencing – Decision Support Tool

To irrigate or not? – Decision Support Tool

Dale is an agronomist with the Victorian Department for Jobs, Precincts and Regions (Biosecurity and Agriculture Services Branch). Dale has a wealth of experience and knowledge in soil moisture monitoring systems and data analysis to provide real time relevant information to assist farmers to optimise crop performance.

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ExtensionAUS Soil Moisture Monitoring Website

AgVic Soil Moisture Monitoring Dashboard 

Murray Valley Soil Sensor Network

Weekly Irrigation Requirement Summary

Our guest, Alex Schultz, a Research Development Officer with the NSW Department of Primary Industries about using data to make irrigation decisions.

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Soil sensor network

Irrigation Scheduling – How to poster 

Key stages irrigated wheat poster

Sam North – Key constraints to irrigated wheat yields in the southern Murray-Darling basin

Fisher and Lacy – Lifting yields from 5T/ha to 8t/ha or more

This podcast features Melinda Mann from the Irrigated Cropping Council speaking to Phil McFarlane from Australian Plant Proteins about the plant-based protein market.

Untypical_1600_whitebox Hosted by Neil Butler from Untypical Media, a small business based in Geelong, Victoria