Irrigation Discussion Groups


This GRDC funded Project “Facilitated action learning groups to support profitable irrigated farming systems in the northern and southern regions" includes 8 irrigation discussion groups.

The ICC are partnering with IREC, Southern Growers, Riverine Plains, the Maize Association, MFMG and Southern Farming Systems to facilitate discussion groups in Griffith, Coleambally, Finely, Mulwala, Kerang, Corop, Frances and Tasmania.

This project aims to put you at the centre of grassroots led research by acting as a collaborative hub between growers, farming systems groups, researchers on linked projects and the GRDC. Our vision is to create the opportunity for you to become an active participant in the research, ensuring projects deliver information relevant to your farming business. 

Using a facilitated group approach, farming systems groups will create an environment where growers can learn from each other and be part of a network to bounce ideas, have frank discussions, trash out issues and develop real on farm solutions. Groups will discuss research results relevant to their region and provide support to manage the risk of implementing change within your irrigated farming business through:

  • Identifying agronomy and soil improvement techniques that have potential to increase returns of irrigated durums, barley, canola, faba beans, chickpeas and maize
  • Determine how irrigation water may be best allocated for a given cropping season and how to maximise $/ML returns across the whole farm
  • Experimenting with new techniques on your property through focus paddock projects
To get involved click the link below to send us an email and we’ll connect you with your nearest group

The optimising irrigated grains projects are part of the GRDC investment in ICF1906-002RTX: Facilitated action learning groups to support profitable irrigated farming systems in the northern and southern regions, FAR1906-003RTX: Development and validation of soil amelioration and agronomic practices to realise the genetic potential of grain crops grown under a high yield potential, irrigated environment in the northern and southern regions and UOT1906-002RTX: Optimising farm scale returns from irrigated grains: maximising dollar return per megalitre of water.