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The Irrigated Cropping Council is a partner in the Southern NSW Drought Resilience Adoption and Innovation Hub. Our aim is to increase the drought resilience capacity of the agricultural industry and the rural, regional and remote communities living with the issue and consequences of drought.

This is a user driven initiative where regional stakeholders are asked to have a voice in drought resilience activities, and will be given an opportunity to collaborate with experts, gain access to resources, and participate in extension and adoption programs such as workshops, seminars and field days.

The Southern NSW Drought Resilience Hub is a consortium of nine regional partners including primary producers, Indigenous, industry and community groups, researchers, entrepreneurs, education institutions, resource management practitioners and government agencies.  It is proudly lead by the Charles Sturt University based at the Charles Sturt University AgriPark in Wagga Wagga. To find out more …


In the engagement process the Irrigated Cropping Council; along with all other members of the SNSW Drought Innovation Hubs, will be reaching out to farmers and communities to to collect information about their experiences and learnings from farming in pre-drought, drought and drought recovery periods. What are the issues of concern and priorities in the context of drought resilience? 

The Hub will focus on values as a key driver for change, to understand farmer needs and involve them in designing and implementing solutions. This will help us reimagine how we develop and deliver activities that will foster innovation and better address the needs of the current farming environment. The Hub wants to speed up the adoption of innovations on farms, modernising approaches for improved community, landscape and production outcomes. 

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o   Australian National University,

o   Farming Systems Group Alliance,

§  Represented by Farm\Llink and include

§  Central West Farming Systems,

§  FarmLink Research Ltd,

§  Holbrook Landcare Network,

§  Irrigated Cropping Council,

§  Irrigation Research & Extension Committee,

§  Riverine Plains and

§  Southern Growers

§  and over 3,500 farmer members

o   First Nations Governance Circle,

o   Local Land Services, NSW

o   Department of Primary Industries,

o   Rural Aid,

o   University of Canberra,

o   University of Wollongong

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The SNSW Hub is one of 8 across Australia funded by the Future Drought Fund - an Australian Government Initiative. It covers the majority of NSW, as far North as Coonamble, South to the Victorian Border and from the East coast to the South Australian border.