Soil Constraints


Identifying and managing soil constraints

This project is supported by GRDC

What are the major soil constraints affecting your farm?
– Acidity?
– Sodicity?
– Low organic matter?
– Another issue?
This project included a soil pit workshop and webinar to assist farmers to learn more about soil constraints: how to identify them in the paddock and how to manage them. 
Soil Pit


This video showcases a soil pit on farm at Tullakool. The paddock had a rice history and is a grey soil
Soil constraints


Coming soon...
The recording of the webinar with Sam North, NSW DPI, James Holding, Farmlink and Pat Hulme will be available soon.

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Funding: GRDC
Project Partners: FarmLink, NSW DPI Soil and Water R and D Unit, other Farming System Groups (Central West Farming Systems, Riverine Plains, Harden Landcare Network, Irrigated Cropping Council, Irrigated Research and Extension Committee, Southern Growers Inc.
Project Code: FLR1909-001SAX